Exchange machine for gas cylinders

24/7 gas cylinders exchange. Your fully automated solution for the purchase or exchange of all common propane gas cylinders.

insensiv exchange machine for gas cylinders

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The smartest way to exchange gas cylinders – The exchange machine for gas cylinders

The “GTA” is used for the fully automatic return and dispensing of the standard 5kg, 8kg and 11kg propane gas cylinders made of steel and aluminium.

Payment is made comfortably via the integrated card terminal or by scanning a voucher. Entered gas cylinders are analysed by a camera-based recognition unit.

The accepted cylinders are then conveyed to the storage area of the machine. Operating the machine (Input and output of the gas cylinders) takes place via the same door. The areas for full and empty cylinders are functionally separated from each other.

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Analysis of entered gas cylinders

The camera-based recognition unit of the GTA checks the following details:

• Cylinder size (5 kg, 8 kg or 11 kg)
• Colour (purchase or rental cylinder)
• Presence of the safety cap or collar
• Label of the gas filler for returnable cylinders*
• Cylinder material (steel or aluminium, optional)
*Gas filler must be clearly identifiable when viewed from above (cylinder shoulder)

insensiv gas cylinder exchange machine storage area

Your advantages at a glance

• 24h purchase, exchange and return of propane gas cylinders
• Outdoor storage according to TRGS 510 (German safety regulations)
• Relief of your staff
• Cashless payment with EC- or credit card
• 15″ touch screen operating terminal
• Customization of the user interface possible
• Filling-level notifications via e-mail
• Remote maintenance option via UMTS connection


You need more information about our Exchange machine for gas cylinders? Download the product flyer or contact us directly. We will be glad to help you.