Recognition units for barcodes and
security signets

insensiv – one of the leading manufacturers of recognition units for reverse vending machines.

Components for reverse vending machines

Our recognition units set standards in terms of performance and reliability.

As an expert for image processing solutions we provide you with ready-to-use OEM technology for the reliable detection and evaluation of DPG security signs and barcodes on disposable packaging.

In addition to recognition units, we also offer contour and crate recognition.

Our expertise for deposit systems


2000: Conceptual design of the security system for the Danish one-way deposit “DRS” (Dansk Retour System)
2002: Introduction of the national deposit on disposable packaging in Denmark
2004 until today: manufacturer of detection units for DRS
2005: Consulting and preparation of the specification of the security system for the “DPG” (Deutsche Pfand Gesellschaft)
2006: Introduction of the one-way deposit in Germany
2006 until today: Manufacturer of core technology for reverse vending machines in Germany


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