Shape recognition

For precise detection of beverage containers insensiv offers an intelligent camera system for identifying the container type, such as bottles, cups or cans.

Basic function

The shape recognition system is an independently operating camera system with homogeneous LED surface illumination for identifying the container type.

The integrated image processing software checks the input direction and determines the container type. The system can be configured that even deformed containers are accepted. The result of the measurement is transmitted via serial interfaces or Ethernet.
Adjustments can be made quickly and easily via a web interface without the need to install extra software. If necessary, software updates or centrally determined container parameters can be transferred to the individual machines via remote maintenance.

Technical details

• Configuration via browser
• Integrated manipulation protection
• Database for more than 1,000 contours
• Detection time < 100 ms
• Dimensions 120 x 80 x 80 mm
• Environment: 5-40° C, 20-80% humidity
• 24 V DC; max. 500mA


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