The areas of application of image processing systems for monitoring and control are extensive. We have realized numerous projects for the evaluation of fast-moving objects in the field of agriculture.

Counting and evaluation systems

A variety of products have already been awarded gold medals at the Agritechnica and EuroTier (conventions). Every OEM-product is specially adapted to our customer’s requirements.

The automatic online-determination of harvest yield and quality is one field of application of intelligent camera systems with a variety of possible applications:

  • non-contact and therefore gentle measurement
  • counting of individual fruits and automatic documentation of the harvest yield
  • online quality control (size, damage, dirt, etc.) on the harvest machine for immediate adjustment of the machine
  • classification into quality classes directly after harvest to increase quality and efficiency
  • general quality control of different work stages

insensiv offers OEM-measurement technology, which has been optimized for the individual task at hand. The systems usually consist of an intelligent camera coupled with customer specific analysis software and a lighting unit in an appropriate casing. Insensiv can also deliver a complete module that may contain mechanical parts (e.g. turnout for sorting), depending on the use.

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Corn sensors

We have developed a special lighting system to control the quality of threshing results.

Spreading width sensor

This camera-based sensor determines the throwing (casting) distance and the spread pattern of different artificial fertilizers.

Fertilizer Typecasting

This material-recognition sensor works based on image processing and autonomously determines the different types of fertilizers (used) via camera.

Overcharge Sensor

This 3D-sensor based on image processing analyses the material discharge directed towards the transfer vehicle. This leads to an optimal loading of the transfer vehicle.

Swath Recognition

The 3D swath and crop edge recognition utilizes a 3D-stereo(scopic) camera together with intelligent image processing techniques to determine the field height in front of an agricultural vehicle in real-time. Depending on the operating mode the position of the swath or crop edge is extracted from the 3D-data, and information regarding the course relative to the driving direction is calculated. This can, for example, be used for a driving assistance system.

These products require customer specific development. Contact us for further information!