Bottle-shape Recognition

Bottle-shape recognition

insensiv offers a camera system for measurement of bottle shapes in the area of reusable deposit containers, which uses exceptionally homogenous area lighting based on LEDs with a high lifespan .

The bottle-shape recognition is an independently working camera system with integrated lighting used to determine the bottle type. The integrated image processing software checks the direction of entry and determines the bottle type. The system can be configured to also accept deformed one-way containers. The result of the measurement is transferred via serial interfaces or Ethernet. The integrated web server allows for easy configuration via the network using a web browser, without the need for installation of additional software. Software updates or centrally determined bottle parameters can be transferred to individual vending machines using remote maintenance, if necessary.

Key features:

  • configuration via Internet-Explorer
  • stand-alone unit
  • detection of the bottle`s position
  • database for over 1000 shapes
  • recognition time < 100ms
  • special background reflection foil
  • recognition even with deformed torso
  • usable with flip-top bottles
  • usable with top-heavy bottles
  • recognition even with plastic flag from the closure
  • recognition despite paper flag from the label
  • distinction of light/ dark bottles
  • RS232 to transfer data
  • background lighting 430 x 150 x 70 (L x W x H)
  • camera case 120 x 80 x 80 (L x W x H)
  • operating conditions 5-40° C, 20-80% humidity
  • 24 VCD; max. 500 mA

Included with delivery:

  • camera case
  • background reflection foil
  • detection mirror

See our flyer for further information.

This product does not require customer specific development. Contact us for further information!