Camera systems

Camera Systems

insensiv’s solutions are primarily realized with intelligent cameras, using hardware components that optimally suit the customer’s specific tasks. You receive a product with the best possible cost-benefit ratio. 

For the cameras, both color and grayscale sensors with resolutions up to multiple megapixels and recording speeds of up to 250 images per second are used. Depending on the application C-, CS-, or S-mounted objectives may be used. 

The I/Os are chosen according to your specifications. For example, the systems can have Ethernet, RS232, or P-NET as interfaces. Other interfaces such as RS485 or CAN are also possible. 

Apart from the individual customer specific image processing software the cameras generally include an integrated webserver. This makes a user-friendly display and configuration possible. 

In combination with individual lighting units, cases, and brackets you receice a true OEM-product for your technically demanding task, which you can distribute using your brand and name – an additional profit for your portfolio.

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