Can Manufactuerers

Can Manufactuerers

insensiv’s key compentence and long-term experience lies in the inspection of beverage cans. The high production throughput of up to 50 containers/second is a challenge insensiv handles without problems. 

The high expectations of the end customer lead to ever increasing demands being placed on the quality of a container‘s surface design. This in turn leads to the cameras as well as the inspection software having to meet high demands. These are continually developed further, so that they can fulfill all of the customer‘s requirements. 

Inspection of the following points is possible for all common sizes of 2-part cans ranging from 150ml to 1000ml, as well as special sizes such as aluminum bottles:

  • decor control
  • blank-can control
  • recognition of foreign decors
  • surface control (dents, scratches)
  • OCR codes 
  • barcode recognition

In addition, inspection solutions are offered for 3-part cans and bottling plants. 

This requires a high level of system flexibility, in order to be able to adapt to different circumstances. 

Insensiv will gladly develop an individual solution together with you that meets your specific requirements.