The EggCam (optical egg counter) offers the possibility of counting the number of registered eggs. The units are positioned in the laying house above a conveyor. In combination with a computer and appropriate software the eggs produced are counted in one or more henhouses according to row, level, or the henhouse. 

However the eggs are not only counted, their weight is also determined with the help of different, specially developed mathematical algorithms. By using the EggCam, an overview of the animals` productiveness is gained. Additionally possible changes in chicken farming can be detected with the systematic use of the EggCams. 

Different models of the EggCam are available, depending on the size of the conveyors used. The current models EggCam140, EggCam350, and EggCam500 cover conveyor widths from 100 to 750mm. The EggCams 140 and 350 are equipped with G-Cams, which run on an in-house operating system based on uCLinux. The gathered data are transferred to a connected computer via Ethernet using UDP, which also acts as the power supply by using the Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology. The EggCam500 uses an embedded camera, which has its own operating system, and in combination with insensiv‘s analysis software, makes up the camera system for conveyor widths from 500 to 750mm.

This product is produced exclusively according to customer specifications. Contact us for further information!