Gas bottle exchange vending machine

Gas bottle exchange vending machine

The GTA-S1 was designed to fully automatically redeem and dispense standard 5kg and 11kg propane bottles made of steel and aluminum (optional). Payment is made comfortably using the integrated card terminal, or by scanning a voucher (cash register connection required). A camera-based detection unit analyzes gas cylinders that are redeemed. Gas cylinders that are redeemed are analyzed using a camera-based detection unit.

The following points are controlled:

  • Bottle size (5kg or 11kg)

  • Color (purchase or rental)

  • Presence of the safety cap

  • Gas-filler‘s label on rental bottles*

  • Bottle material (steel or aluminum, optional)

The bottles accepted by the vendor are then moved into the vending machine‘s storage area. The redemption and dispensing of the gas bottles takes place via the same door. The functional and storage units are, however, functionally separated from each other. Possible functions are the purchase, exchange, and redemption* of bottles. The fill level recognition sends e-mails using the cellular network (optionally via a cash register connection) into the vendor‘s own to prevent the GTA-S1 from running empty. The main functions as well as prices, operating hours, and a recipient‘s address for fill level notifications can be set individually with the configuration tool.

*Ther gas-filler must be clearly identifiable from a top-down view.

The GTA-S1 is constructed as an open depot for outdoor use (in accordance with TRGS 510).


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