INSENSIV Firmengebäude - Bildverarbeitungslösungen aus Bielefeld
GasflaschenTauschAutomat- Vollautomatisierte Lösung für den Kauf und Tausch von Gasflaschen
PodCopter - Kabelgebundene Drohne als Sensor-Trägerplattform
Rücknahmeautomaten - Leergutrücknahme mit INSENSIV
360°Scan - Die 360° Dekorerkennung für Getränkedosen
PodCopter - Kabelgebundene Drohne als Sensor-Trägerplattform
tama3D - Stereooptik als Kollisions- und Abstandssensor
PodCopter - Kabelgebundene Drohne als Sensor-Trägerplattform

insensiv offers you a wide range of products in the industrial, trading and agricultural sector as well as customized image processing solutions with a focus on intelligent camera systems.

As a mid-sized company with about 75 employees, we have been focusing on the development and production of innovative solutions in the key areas of digitalization and automatization for over 14 years.

insensiv GmbH
Auf dem Esch 28
33619 Bielefeld

Tel.: 0521 - 32 99 47 - 0
Fax: 0521 - 32 99 47 - 99

Seeing is good. Recognition is even better


Recognizing more than the human eye can see.

Gaining assurance in process control.

Distinguishing forgery from original.


These are the challenges that insensiv faces.


From 16 to 20 February, insensiv will be part of the world's largest trade fair in Düsseldorf as an exhibitor.

At the EuroShop, insensiv will introduce the MCC (Micro Counting Center), an innovative compact solution for automated separation and recognition of collectively entered deposit containers. By means of a portal robotics system, the MCC sorts and detects empty beverage containers that have been entered together as a bundle.

Please visit us in hall 7A at booth B16.

Since May 2018, InnoZent OWL has been organizing the OWL Electronics Forum on a regular basis in order to give companies the opportunity to improve networking and share new trends.

Also part of the 4th edition: insensiv Managing Director Christian Gieselmann. Using our gas cylinder exchange vending machine as an example, he presented how artificial intelligence and deep learning are used to exchange gas cylinders.

The review is available here.

In order to adress the demands of increasing digitalisation, we have decided to expand our communication within the context of social media.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce that after XING there is now also a company page on Facebook, the world's largest social media platform. A link to the page can be found here.