insensiv‘s 360°Scan inline inspection system offers a sophisticated solution for your inspection tasks in the area of packaging. As a leading manufacturer of systems for foreign decor recognition and decor analysis in the segment of beverage can and can production you secure yourself both decisive competitive and cost advantages as well as satisfied customers with our systems.

  • Quick „return on investment“

  • Highspeed inspection with up to 50 cans per second

  • 100% control of prduction and rejection of defective containers

  • Quick and targeted response to production errors through extensive statistical functions and connection to your internal production control system

  • Easiest integration into existing production lines

  • Remote service with short response times

  • Minimal cleaning and maintenance effort

  • Usable with a variety of different container types

The 360°Scan works with 6 cameras, which are set up in a 360 degree alignment around the can. This enables a complete surface inspection of each individual can, at production speeds of up to 50 cans/s (50 cans per second). The inspection takes place using a reference image, which allows detection of deviations on the can.

The 360°Scan reliably takes care of all inspection tasks such as:

  • Recognition of foreign decors
  • Recognition of major / gross printing errors
  • Recognition of dents and major scratches
  • Blank can recognition


Take your quality standards to a new level. With our new higher resolution cameras even smaller decor errors are reliably detectable. At full production speed.

With the available barcode module it is possible to check printed barcodes on the container.

Our optional OCR module offers the possibility to read out and check variable product data. Different alphanumerical characters for product labelling can be read out and rejected if needed.

With the ring lighting system made of LED lights surface lighting that is uniform and free of reflections can be achieved. This makes the detection of surface faults such as dents possible. In addition we offer different lighting types suited to match your inspection needs.


Our blow-off module is an absolutely reliable system to reject detected faults from the running production even at conveyor speeds of 5m/s. The newly developed blow-off control checks whether faulty cans recognized as such have been securely rejected.

The compact construction makes an easy, hassle-free integration into your production lines possible, with different types of existing conveyor systems including vertical or horizontal conveyors being no problem.

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