Incoming Goods Inspection Units

Incoming Goods Inspection Units

The inspection unit evaluates the security characteristics of the security-signet of the Deutsche Pfandsystem GmbH (DPG) for the one-way deposit in Germany. The unit offers a simple way to assess the quality of value printwork of deposit containers.

The unit must be held in front of the DPG-marking for measurement. The measurement process is started via pressing a button, the result is then displayed graphically on the LCD-screen. Interfering ambient light is screened using a foldable rubber surround

The inspection unit is designed for mobile use. To recharge the batteries the included power supply has to be connected. The unit may also be operated in a stationary way in this configuration.

The main features of the inspection unit are:

  • handy inspection unit for evaluation of the print quality of the DPG`s security-signet
  • mobile and stationary usage
  • simple operation
  • measurements approx. 178 x 86 x 60 mm
  • weight approx. 660 g
  • operating time within the measurement cycle: 110 measurement cycles in 19 hours (turn on, 10 measurements, turn off, 10 minutes break)
  • charging time approx. 2-3 h

Included in delivery:

  • inspection unit
  • integrated battery
  • charging unit
  • unit case
  • instruction manual

Offered only to authorized DPG partners

See our flyer for further information.

For the purchase of this product you need to be DPG-certified. Contact us for further information!