Reverse Vending Machines

Reverse Vending Machines

The right solution for every task. We have a broad product portfolio in the area of reverse vending machines for coffee-to-go cups, beverage bottles and cans, glas bottles, and cups. All models can be adjusted with a variety of options and alternatives to meet your specific requirements in an optimal way. For example, the machines can be equipped with a separator for sorting into two different fractions. Different container types can thus be sorted and collected separately from each other directly when they are returned.

We have designed our RVMs to be as compact and robust as possible, so that from day one you do not have to deal with maintenance or repairs.

  • Maintenance-friendly technology with a long service life
  • 7" LC touch display
  • Fill level sensor
  • Teach-in software for new containers
  • Disbursement of deposit value: voucher, coins, QR-Code or MDB interface for value cards
  • optional full-service maintenance contracts

We generally offer our machines in two sizes. Depending on the collection quantity either the RVM-80 or RVM-120 can be used. These are vending machines of different widths (80 or 120cm). In addition, we have developed the reverse vending machine CCVM, which can be used on wheels and with batteries and is used especially for the return of coffee-to-go cups.

We offer solutions for the following container types:

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