Security Technology

Security Technology and protection from plagiarism

Product forgeries threaten the turnover and competitiveness of many companies. insensiv provides the relevant security technology as a competent partner.

Developments take place by taking the technical possibilities, costs, security in regard to manipulation, and the reliable, quick detection in the reverse vending system into consideration.

insensiv also provides the system partners with fitting security technology ranging from quality assurance units to incoming goods inspection units and readout units. Optimal function and thus minimal effort for the customer is thereby guaranteed.

The security and inspection of value printwork such as tickets and passes is another one of insensiv’s fields. insensiv’s Tickettester, for example, analyses the printing ink and makes it possible to detect forgeries.

In corporation with the manufacturers of security inks, holograms or micro-particles insensiv is surely also able to solve your individual task.


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