Software solutions

Software Solutions

insensiv’s solutions include optimal software routines for the analysis of the object or process in your application. Generally commercial software tools are not used to remain independent of licensing costs. This strategy further leads to the best possible performance in the interaction with the embedded camera’s hardware. 

Numerous image processing operators for a variety of different products have been developed by insensiv. The software library also includes specialized algorithms used, for example, in 3D-applications, in finding and decoding barcodes, or in the evaluation of safety markings such as the DPG-marking.

The configuration layer can be accessed via a viewer. As an alternative insensiv offers a web interface, which makes platform independent configuration using a web browser possible.

Based on insensiv’s software library you can also develop your own applications using script languages – your own OEM-product.

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This procduct requires customer specific development. Contact us for further information!